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Our Story

More than Great Food

We take pride in authentic delicious meals! Here at Punto Peruano Restaurant, we take great pride in serving you only the best in Authentic Peruvian Dishes! Whether you are here with your family or friends, you can expect exceptional service but most importantly delicious dishes. We truly believe in having each guest feel like part of our family. It is an honor to share with you our passion for Peruvian Cuisine! Quality time begins with great food! 

For all the people that love chicken, we have 6 delicious dishes that will have you ordering more to take home! Try our "Chaufa de Pollo". Or if you love seafood. Be sure to ask for the dish of the house, "Wonders of the Sea"

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Traditional Peruvian dishes that make your mouth water. We take pride in our flavor. Each dish is made fresh & with the best ingredients. From the heart of Peru we bring you the best


A Little Taste of Peru

Bring traditional dishes right to your home! Enjoy the amazing taste of Peru. Every dish & meal is served to perfection! It's hard to decide between the chicken & Maravillas del mar! 


Authentic Recipes Reimagined

Our traditional dishes have a modern & creative twist! We add our own special touch to each dish. While each dish is packed with flavor you'll enjoy every bite. Try a taste of our Frescos! 

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